If I were a travel blogger, I’d suck big time.

How long has it been since I came back from my hols exactly?


So! Rome!

To say it’s my favourite city would be an understatement. I LOVE ROME so much, I wanted to hug it.


From running around the London Bridge station getting lost trying to find the train to London-Gatwick airport and being fined for failing to print the boarding passes beforehand, the beginning itself was trying enough.




We arrived at Rome-Ciampino at 9 pm. For that first night, we booked 2 rooms at a nearby hotel. And the cab cost us 40 euros T__T


Like seriously! Even if we didn’t know the rate, but 40 euros for a 5-minute journey? You’ve gotta be kidding me!!

But as there were no other transportation (except for the buses that goes straight to the city centre), we had no choice but to allow ourselves to be cheated *sighs*



One Park Hotel


The thing about booking accommodation online is that you’re never sure what you’re gonna get. But thankfully, this one turned out to be nice.

Though I couldn’t say the same for the receptionist. Plain rude, he was  :xwhatevah:  


Not having anything to eat the whole day (sapa suruh nak jugak shopping up to the last min at Oxford Street), we were famished. So after dumping our stuff in our rooms, we went hunting for nearby restaurants.


But there were none!!! And the hotel only offered breakfast buffet T___T




Thankfully, MJ happened to bring some instant food. Our dinner that night were rendang and serunding. The whole time we were laughing on what a bad start it all were.



Waiting for the train to Roma Termini.


page 1

Arrived at our o-some rented apartment. Hip hip hooray!



The real EuroSPAR.



Look at what I found! Adik beradik Koko Krunch!



Scooters are everywhere.


page 2

Pizzarias are practically at every corner, yum!

Instead of the usual round pizza, in Rome they’re baked in long rectangles. You can choose whatever flavour and however big the portion you want and they’ll weigh it.

These are veggies pizza we had and omg they’re delicious!



We took the Greenline Open Tour for 21 euros. Which honestly, we could do without.

It’s better to get the Roma Pass (20 euros) which gives you unlimited city transport and free entries to any 2 museums.



The weather was hot hot hot.





You realised the white dot stickers we have on us?

That’s coz we took an english-speaking tour for the Colloseum and the Palatino + you don’t have to queue for the tickets.

For 22 euros, it’s a bargain as the entrance fee to both places alone are 12 euros each.

 *ka ching*



To actually being in the Colloseum felt so surreal.









The Palatino is situated exactly in front of the Colloseum, one couldn’t possibly miss it.

The Palatine Hill is where all the palaces of the great rulers of Rome were once situated.









Situated below would be the Roma Forum.

This place is so huge, we got lost trying to find our way out!





Even as we’re standing there, we could see archaeologists digging away!

Apparently, the government spends I-forgot-berapa-puluh-millions to excavate the place. That’s so cool.


Taking the tour was worth every single cent. Without knowing the history, these buildings are just piles of rumbles without any significant meaning.

Or I’m just a sucker for a history, I dunno lah.



That building behind is also known as The Wedding Cake.

It’s breathtaking. Definitely one of my fav buildings.


I have clinical posting tomorrow morning so to be continued!