I haven’t written much lately. That, I know.


For those who still clicked on my blog despite the lack of posts, my apologies. I’m still in the phase of trying to adjust to this life of mine.


Yes, I’m aware school has started for a month already but finding the will to wake up at 7 every morning hasn’t been easy ok?

I couldn’t sleep. Too much laughter and Pepsi have their faults *sighs*


As I was tossing and turning on the bed, I was somehow reminded of an advice I’d received many many years ago.

Ok people, it’s time for Nisa’s bed time story. Duvets up!


It was the last day of primary school, 9 years ago. The air was filled with excitement and we students, even more so. Our teacher gathered us around for the last time.


Having been our class teacher since primary 2, he’d been a fatherly figure to us. From cry babies to messy teenagers, he’d witnessed it all. These students of his, too eager to leave their childhood and walk into a new phase of their lives.

He addressed us one by one, giving us one final advice.


Always being a defiant child, it was no surprise when he kindly told me I should think before I speak, to hold my tongue when the circumstances don’t demand it, to understand that words are double-edged swords.


It touched me, how much he cared for us.


But the one sentence I still remember to this day would be,

“Perempuan, cepat perasan.”


I was 12. His words didn’t seem to make sense to me. And yet over the years, that one sentence has become a mantra for me.

As I grow up, I started to see the truth in it. Started to see that us women, do tend to be caught up in our own assumptions. How we could deviate far from the true meaning, building up our fantasies.


Most of the time, women think too much. But sometimes, we don’t think at all. We assume. And then the heartache begins.


The first hypothesis, should always be the last one.

And the heart, doesn’t always have to be in the lead.