Every year when it’s nearing my Dad’s birthday, he’d be oblivious to it.


No talk about the flavour of the cake. Or which restaurant he’d prefer to dine. Or hinting on the bag he’d been eyeing for months.

*coughs* mum *coughs*


As for my mum, it’s usually the total opposite. The moment the calendar hits December, the whole house would have to listen to her blabbering on and on about her wishes, you wish you have earplugs.


Like mother, like daughter 😆


Growing up, I never had much similarities with my mum. When my maid said,

“You’ll end up being like your mum.”, my reflex was to throw a pillow at her.


My mum and I, we didn’t really see eye to eye. We could squabble about the pettiest things and we had no problems giving each other cold shoulder for days. There were times when I doubted her love for me.


Yeah well, I’m always dramatic aren’t I? *flips hair*


And yet 8 years ago, a nurse said this to me:

“Your mum loves you. She just doesn’t show it.”

I couldn’t remember her face, but her words aren’t something I could forget.


I didn’t understand it back then. How easily my actions could hurt her, how often my words had broken her heart, I didn’t understand them.

But today, I am this person. And today, I see it all differently.

It’s called unconditional love.


To every mother in the world, Happy Mother’s Day.


To my mother, today I’m proud to be able to say this:

Like mother like daughter