When people treat you like shit, what are you supposed to do?


If that person is one of my batch mates, you’ll die an early death who gives a damn.

If that person is the person you’re supposed to respect, now that’s when the problem arise.


I can’t exactly say,

“You wanna die early issit?”

and throw one of my death looks could I?


Can I? *tempted*


So pardon me if I refused to do the job I wasn’t even supposed to do in the first place. Mati hidup balik pun I wouldn’t ever help you in any other way please suffer alone thank you very much.


Filing isn’t for medical students to do okay? Even if they’re in the student council.  Our class starts at 8 am everyday. We have assignments to be completed. We certainly don’t need to be leaving the college at 1.30 freaking am to do your job.

Go and slaved someone else.


Hatred finds its way into my life once in a while.

And I’m sorry to say this time I welcome it with an open heart.


This is how you say it woman,



“Thank you.”


If you wanna be respected, please learn some manners.