From Dubai, we reached Paris around 10 pm. I think; couldn’t quite remember the time hehe.


Since our flight to Bristol was the next morning, we decided to stay the night at the airport, thinking we could hangout at the shops + eat + wi-fi.


The moment we arrived, the shops were all closed T___T

And it wasn’t even midnight!


That night, time seemed to freeze. And it was freezing cold! Since there was nowhere to buy food, we fed ourselves chocolates from the vending machine.


Gosh, it was the worst night ever.











The emptiness of the airport at that time.



I tidur dengan bergaya~

As if I could sleep!



These two were the only ones who managed to sleep soundly throughout the night despite the cold. Beats me how =____=”



Anak tauke kimchi yo





I dug into my luggage and ended wearing 4 layers of clothes!


Throughout the whole night, there was this pak cik who worked there and kept handing us French magazines and pillow headrest and stuff. Thanks pak cik!


After what felt like an eternity, morning came. THANK GOD.


And from Paris, to Bristol we went.