Upon entering the UK, we were interrogated by the immigration officer, who might I say, was pretty strict.

To which we answered “Er, we dunno,” to most of her questions till she got quite stern at us, lol.


After like 50 questions, she let us go. But not before giving us a warning,

“Next time you go to the UK, make sure you plan properly.”


Our Euro trip plan, if it even existed, ended once we reached Bristol haha. Everything else was plan while we were in UK.

I mean, who had the time to do bookings and stuff when we were having our finals right?



Kak Huda (Mj’s sis who’s currently doing her pHD in London) greeted us at Bristol airport and brought us to Hani’s house (another one of Mj’s sis who’s doing Medicine in Bristol).

Pretty complicated, lol.




Took a bath, ate greedily the Nasi Ayam Kak Huda prepared for us (we finished two whole chicken! Talk about being ravenous!), and went out.

No time for jet lag; we had shopping to do!


Despite it being spring, it was pretty cold. That is if you compared it with Russia. It was below 7 celcius T__T



The new addition would be Kak Huda; our official tour guide the whole time we were in UK 🙂



Dinner at Gourmet Burger.









The milkshakes were awesome, the burger and fries; normal.


When we got home, everyone practically dropped dead lol.