I’ve always heard the most painful thing one could suffer from is tooth pain.

And death. Obviously.


But the worse pain I’d ever felt when it comes to teeth was when I had my braces tightened once every month.


I thought that was awful enough, coz I couldn’t even eat back during those days.


Until now.


At first I thought it was my tooth. I was all set to go to the dentist when I prodded here and there looking for the said tooth and realised it wasn’t that at all =______=”


It was my mucosa. Or in laymen’s term, the inside of the cheek.


So naturally I thought it was a mouth ulcer.


It was so awful it woke me up in the middle of the night, groaning in pain.


The next morning, I consulted my housemate, who pointed out it didn’t look like an ulcer and she convinced me to see the doctor. After she laughed at me because I didn’t even know how an ulcer looked like that is  T___T


I know this sounds weird but I never had mouth ulcer in my life before. Not in my 21 years of living that is.


2 self-made theories proven wrong twice in a row. Now I know why I didn’t take dentistry. Yup.


Apparently, what I assumed as tooth pain/ mouth ulcer was inflammed gum. Which had spread to the draining lymph nodes.

Which explained why my jaw swelled (which I didn’t notice as well) and hurt. And why the pain aggravated whenever I rukuk/sujud.




Now I have 5 different tablets to take. And it still hurts like crazy.


And you wanna know the best part?

I’m leaving for Paris tonight.


Yup, couldn’t have picked a better time. Oh well, at least it didn’t happen during exams.


So yeah, 3 weeks in Europe.  Would have been better if I knew my results……

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t have everything in life.


So. See you 3 weeks from now! 🙂