FRIEND: How can you not know what time you were born???

NISA: Er, I don’t even know whether I was born during the day or night. Nevermind what time.



So the other day I finally got around asking my mum about the day I was born.


Besides the fact that I was born on 19 August 1989 *hint hint* , I had no idea about the other details.


And for some weird reason, I never thought of asking my mum about it. My mum oso never told me ok!


MUM: Why you suddenly ask this?

(does she not sound suspicious????)

NISA: Coz all my friends know and I don’t.


MUM: Oh. Let’s see…..I started having cramps during Maghrib. So that means you were born at night.


NISA: Ohhhhh.

MUM: Eh wait wait. The cramps came during Subuh. And then I woke your grandparents up to send me to the hospital. So you were born during the day.

NISA: HOW COULD YOU GET THE TIME OF MY BIRTH ALL MIXED UP??? Subuh and Maghrib jauh beza ok!

MUM: And then your dad called and you aunt told him I already delivered you. He didn’t even know I was in labour!

NISA: Oh so who azan-ed me then?

MUM: Your grandpa. Your dad didn’t even meet you until you were 3 months old.

NISA: How could he be so cruel! You could have easily swapped me for some other baby and he wouldn’t even know!


Did you???




Now that I think of it, I still don’t know the time I was born. Mum!!!


And I was just being overly dramatic about the dad cruel thing. He was away studying so that explains it.

But still! To only meet your daughter when she’s already 3 months old!



(pretends to forget all he’s done for the last 21 years).