This is the moment everyone’s been waiting for.


Theory exams are finally over, alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.


Those were the toughest exams I had to sit for, hands down. Well of course lah kan. The easiest would be UPSR haha!


PTS was a bit hard coz I failed bwahahaha some more.


What made it tougher was because I had insomnia and palpitations throughout the 7 days of exams  T___T


The worst had to be the night before Forensic paper. I was like a walking zombie on the 4th day. Came the 5th day, zombie was the one who looked like me.


And it’s Forensic. Kemahiran menggoreng jawapan secara maksimum is very important.


So yeah. I panicked.


Mai kindly lend me these:




It didn’t work. I drank 3 glasses until my stomach was all bloated T___T  So I panicked some more.





And at last resorted to buying sleeping pills from the pharmacy downstairs. Went home and terus bukak buku pharmacology on the side effects of alprazolam.


NISA: Irony tak kita exam pharmed lagi beberapa hari and yet kita masih tak tahu side effects alprazolam?



I got 4 solid hours of sleep that night, alhamdulillah.


So. Anyway. That aside, OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER! 2 months of having to set the alarm clock every morning to wake up and study is finally over.


And now I’m having insomnia again coz I only slept for an hour last night yet somehow I couldn’t sleep now.



Ok lah, we still have practical exams. But still.





Now I don’t care insomnia or not I wanna read these!