Somehow we’ve come to an era where everyone feels the need to voice their thoughts out.


Having a Facebook account becomes a must. Blogs are accessories. Twitter is a habit. And Formspring accounts for those who brave it.

Takde internet, mati.


These are different things. And yet they were created for the same purpose.


Sure, internet comes without limitation.

But humans do. And that makes all the difference.


There are still things you shouldn’t write; things unbeknownst to the world that shouldn’t be publicised. That goes without saying. It only requires common sense, nothing more.

Unless, of course, that’s what you lack  T__T


You could choose to create a wholesome new person on your blog. You could try to portray what you are not. You could fool those who are strangers to you. But God created one world for the living.

Only one.


There’s no virtual, there’s only reality.


No matter how perfect you try to be here, if you are not there, then it’s futile. Because it’s there that matters. Reality tends to catch up with virtual.


People talk. People judge. They might be wrong, they might be right.  Regardless, when 100 people do the same thing, it’s worth questioning your ways. Not everyone is jealous. Not everyone does it out of hatred.


And if you choose to deal with everything your own way, then deal with the shits as well. People ain’t gonna be throwing flowers  and kowtow at you.


You can play Barbie all you want, but Barbie stays as she is. She doesn’t outgrow her clothes. She doesn’t get fatter. Hell, even her make-up doesn’t smudge.


Even 4 year olds realised this. And that’s why when a girl turns 12, that Barbie is gonna stay in a box on the closet, covered with dust.


Because no matter how hard reality is, she realizes that’s where she belongs.


Learn to deal with it.