I’m kindda afraid to click on my blog right now.


Coz the same post would be glaring at me demanding why I haven’t wrote anything for quite a while *grrr*


I guess I have a lot on my mind right now. And somehow it’s easier to ignore them rather than sorting them all out.


The exam season always make me think, somehow.

It’s when my guard is the lowest and everything comes rushing at once. Kindda like an immunocompressed patient when you think of it.


I begin questioning the way I live my life. I see the things I once admired turned pointless. I search for more.

I think. I think. And I think.


Nothing makes sense at present. These are the complexities I failed to comprehend. And they are the people I seem to understand less and less.


It’s an emotion turmoil. It’s my battle.


One that I don’t wish to win.


P.S: I just realised the previous video doesn’t work. So I changed it to another one (the original MV has too many censored parts). It’s amazing, the song is.