I’ve been so uninspired to write lately (or anything else, really). 


All I do is sleep. And study. And drink lotsa caffeine. And jump up and down to get rid of this nervous feeling I get whenever I think of exams.


Well, you get my point.


The first thing I felt when I woke up for the past 1 month was a sense of gripping fear.

I guess the feeling’s mutual considering there’s 1.5 year’s worth of syllabus in urgent need to be mastered.


Somehow this time I actually feel how small my brain is  =_____=”

It’s very very very, very small.


Dear Einstein, is it even possible to absorb that much knowledge? Appear in my dream and teach me how, thanks.


I think I’m suffering from shock and withdrawal syndrome.


Shock because my mind and body are suddenly forced to accommodate the harsh studying schedule.

And withdrawal syndrome because I had to stop doing all the things I used to do on daily basis abruptly.


There you go. 2 diagnosis pronto.

What else can I say if not I’m a genius right? *grins*



Hitting the sack right now- chow!