The other day when I went out with a friend for groceries shopping (Mum, look! I’m buying my own groceries!),  she pointed out how anti I was to the word diet.


“You’re one of the people I couldn’t say the word diet in front of.”

And true to her words, when she reached out for a packet of slim milk, I scoffed on reflex!


Pergh Nisa poyo macam lah tak pernah diet.

It’d be a lie if I said I’d never been on one. Or on 3465 diets   =____________=”

I was one of those people who would never go to bed before feeling hungry. It was the era of Zaman Jahiliah *shakes head*



But ask me again now and I’d say dieting is for blue whales.

Or hippopotamus. Or elephants. Coz they’re kindda fat you know? But then they need to be fat for survival.

Humans don’t have any reason to be fat but as we’re superior beings, who’s keeping counts?

Sukahati lah how we wanna be ye tak?



Ok lah fine. It’s not like we should give out awards to those who are obese.

Medically, that’s a short cut to the graves. Media-wise, the perspectives don’t seem to be too good here either.

Just stating the facts. Don’t shoot the messenger.



I guess what I’m trying to say is,



You nak diet, you diet lah (though that doesn’t mean I won’t make faces).

But don’t drink one of those HerbaLife products, stuff yourself yet still claiming you’re on a diet everytime I ajak you makan.

Or complain how much you’ve eaten and how much weight you’ve gained recently yet still refused to cut back on food or work out.


You don’t wanna make me roll my eyes.



You can’t have it both ways, you know. Unless you’re one of those people with high metabolism (even then you’re prone to get 1001 diseases in 20 years’ time).

Clog your arteries all you want.



“It’s the only body we have so we might as well learn to love it.”


Keira Knightly