Say hello to my favourite scarf!


For the time being.


I’m sharing one more awesome quote of mine here:

Scarves are like anti-virus. They need to be updated every few months.



If I ever have my books published, the first one would be: Nisa Sabri’s Life Theories.

The second would be: Nisa Sabri’s Awesome Quotes.

The third would be: Nisa Sabri’s views on Syndrome X People. A bonus chapter on Why They Exist!



So here I would like to make an introduction on Syndrome X.

(Sorry people, my crapping mode is maximum today).


Syndrome X, or also better known as- I haven’t thought of a fancy name yet- is the term I dubbed for people who are annoying but doesn’t realise it and is overall a nice person.


Besides the annoying part that is. Which is the major part. Which means I still can’t stand them.


I find it hard to believe some couldn’t know how annoying they are but by some form of twisted fate, yeah they do exist. And they do get on my nerves despite that.


This is one thing I simply couldn’t comprehend. Maybe some of us are just born without common sense. I’m being nice here; I’m putting all the blame on the genes.


But like I said, they’re still nice people. Um, that’s it lah. They’re nice people.


I’ll let you guys know when I’ve won the Nobel Prize HA HA.