I do feel the need to tell everyone today’s my dad’s birthday.






You know how people always say their parents are the awesome-est parents in the world?


That’s how my parents are too  :)  And my dad must be the awesome-est guy I’ve ever known. Note that I said guy. Which is a very very very huge compliment because I happen to be a sexist person. Said my friends.


Which I took as a compliment ;)  ha ha!


Except that he’s always late.

And he always falls asleep before 10 pm wherever he happens to be at that time.

And he’s always giving me some kind of ceramah motivasi.

And the only dish he knows how to cook is grilled steak.

And he talks for only 7 seconds on the phone everytime.


But apart from those he’s really awesome.



Mum: Whenever Nisa feels sad, the first person she’d look for is her dad.


Which might seems weird as mothers are always the understanding ones, but that’s how it is with me. 


Be it about politics. Or business. Or my studies. Or that time I was called by the PK HEM for getting into a fight (I was young ok!). Or when my monthly phone bill arrived and it was 7 pages long.


I’m a daddy’s girl through and through.


Oh and a mummy’s girl through and through.


(It might benefit me if I kissed up to my mum as well).



I still think he looks like durian because of the hair cut *sighs*



So daddy happy birthday and live a long prosperous life you still have a daughter to support here please don’t forget that and remind mum as well she often pretends to forget !