Today sucked. And it’s only 5.24 pm.

But I don’t care it still sucks.


That probably had something to do with trying to shield my eyes from the sun (a bonus point of having transparent beaded curtains- you get free alarm clock) whilst still trying to resume sleeping despite it being 11 am.


Finally gave up to the sun as I sat up abruptly and remembered I was supposed to go to clinical posting that morning I’d slept off. Flopped back onto the bed in frustration as I’m currently in Orthopaedics department which doesn’t even have that many credit hours to begin with.


But that was only my second time of being truant so it’s okay. And somehow I don’t think waiting 3 hours for a mere 15 minutes of theory on history taking is worth attending.


By 4 pm I decided I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading anymore so I put on my tracksuit and sneakers and went for a run, a habit I’d religiously picked up this semester.


A first step towards my goal of hiking a mountain at the age of 80 years old (if I get to live that long), which, when you think of it, is only 59 years from now so I’m actually running out of time.


More on that much much later, I promise you.


On a side note, I stumbled down the staircase and landed on my butt 4 steps down yesterday afternoon.


My left ankle hurts but I really don’t think it needs to be x-rayed. I think I’d have noticed it if my bones are fractured, mum. Nor would I be able to run 4 km today. 



The first melancholic song that actually makes sense, in my opinion.

That or it’s just my senile tendency to listen to slow songs while studying, which is what I’m forced to do lately.