Let me set this straight.


I don’t easily compliment others. And I don’t easily accept others’ compliments.


The former means I’m kedekut. The latter shows I’m poyo bwahahaha.


Did I say my sense of humour’s awesome? 😛

Yup. About 23458263475 times already.


When I said I don’t like being complimented, kepoyoan memang terserlah. Ulat bulu betul who doesn’t like compliments pfft.


But let me give you a situation.


Human A: I love your dress. It’s gorgeous!


What would you answer?

1) Oh thank you!

2) Well, you know, it depends on who wears it.

3) This old dress? I’ve worn it a million times already. I got it real cheap.

I’ve probably answered number 1 er….once. Or twice.

Saying thanks means I’m agreeing the dress is indeed, nice. And though I do think so (if not what for I bought it duh), it makes me feel like I’m showing off. It makes me feel conscious. And whether you welcome it or not, riak will be there.


Number 2 is for close friends. Or people I dislike. So if you’re not close to me and I give you that answer……haha!


Number 3 is my answer for eternity 🙂


Maybe I’m looking too much into it but compliments put me in a really awkward situation. Like, am I supposed to compliment you in return?


And I don’t put on an outfit because I think people will like it, or because I’m fishing for attention.


Whether you like it or not, I’ll still wear it because I wanna wear it. Nevermind if it’s weird. Sukahati aku lah nak pakai apa. You care what.


When people compliment my outfits/bags/shoes/scarves or because I’m an awesome person (ok fine, so no one ever said that but this is your cue! Say it now! haha), I don’t feel as if they’re judging me by who I am. But rather by what I am.


Which sucks really. 


Just because I know how to match the colour of my scarf with my shirt doesn’t mean I know how to dress.


If people say you’re pretty, or whatever term people use nowadays lah, and you’re not, it’s really embarrassing makes you feel like jumping off the building T_T


And thus superficial compliments like pretty/beautiful/cute/ gorgeous are immediately rejected masuk tong sampah recycle bye.


Words like, you’ve done a great job! or I’ve always known you’re a genius! or Nisa pandai pintar bijak bestari kot are always welcome though 😀



Even though they’re not true.

But please feed my ego 😛