One of the things I’d been warned of before doing medicine was this:

It’s hard.

Full stop.


Like everything else, I had hoped it was merely a myth.


I mean, WHAT’S NOT BLOODY HARD? Even if I were doing English, I’d still say it’s difficult.


But the level of difficulty of this course, far from being greatly exaggerated -much to my disappointment-  has proven to be somewhat true.


Well, probably not if you’re disciplined enough. Which conveys my problem *coughs*


Hence, if there’s ever a sentence that could best describe my studying style, it’s kais pagi makan pagi, kasi petang makan petang.


I study only sufficient enough to maintain my grades.


If there isn’t any test in the immediate future, or viva, or seminar, you wouldn’t see me sitting at the desk being engrossed in my books (and that’s probably why the lecturers do those every week boo).


Chances are, I would spend my days going to classes merely to meet the required 85% attendance.

Chances are, I’d spend my nights going online, watching movies, hanging out with friends or reading story books.




Then I stumbled upon Mr. 3rd IA.


And it changed my world forever.