For the past few days my mum has been bombarding me with questions like:

“Does she need to bring towels?”

“Will she have CNY hols?”


Memang lah I work at one of the PLKN camps kan.



It made me realised how little knowledge people have of NS.



As an ex-PLKN-ian myself, allow me to give those poor lost little lambs out there some guides:


1) Pack lots of wrinkle-free clothes.

You’ll be staying in a dorm of 14 people with only one iron.


2) Unpack your towels.

They’re provided.


3) Instead, stuff your bags with lots of facial care.

Your skin will be your utmost concern, trust me.


4) Apply sun block religiously throughout the day.

It might seem petty but it helps. I swear by Loreal sun block SPF 50.


5) Bring your contacts, ditch your glasses.

Wearing glasses might seem less fussy but once you see the white rim etched permanently on your tanned face for the next 2 months, you’ll regret it.

And bear in mind you’ll be participating in lots of water-related activities.


6) Buy daily contact lenses.

There’ll come the time when you have to spend the nights in the woods. Glasses is a nuisance as it tends to slip due to sweat (you’ll be jungle-trekking duh). Daily lenses are easier as they’re disposable.


7) Buy the public phone prepaid card thingy.

You’ll only be allowed to use your cell phones during the weekends. If your parents, like mine, insisted you to call them everyday, that card is a gift from God.


8 ) Be strong.

Mentally, physically and spiritually. Spiritually especially.  You don’t wanna encounter the unseen, ehem.


9) And lastly, enjoy your days during NS.

Chances are, you’ll miss your NS days when it ends  🙂



I’m pretty sure I’ve left out a lot of things but you think I have so many free time issit??


And a personal message for Zatyfaty (actually, all of those above are meant for her lol):

Eh if you could just get your hands on those boots and seluar celoreng  (just the pants, mind you) for me……


Bagus Nisa. Ajar adik buat jahat.




Take care yo!


That picture memang lah very prim and proper kan.




Can I be more serabai yes I can.




*rolling on the floor golek-golek on my perut buncit*



Ok dah habis menghina diri sendiri k thx bye.