My parents were shocked when they called me and I was at home on New Year’s eve with no plans whatsoever.


We always celebrate back at home T__T



A couple of days ago I thought in panic,


“Omg I haven’t made any plans for New Year’s eve!”


But then it dawned on me.

What is there to celebrate?

Seriously. What?

And frankly, I couldn’t handle the crowd. Rimas.



I try to recap my 2010, but I honestly am  getting crapper at stuff like that. The more I think of it, the more everything seems to jumble up.


I still have to sit for exams a month from now regardless of the changes of numbers on the calendar pages. 


Anyway. Since I didn’t plan on going anywhere on New Year’s eve, I went out before the said date.



C360_2010-12-29 20-27-08


Went to Nando’s for dinner after our meeting with the event planner for the annual dinner (we have an event planner yo!).


It’s the only branch in India.




It still sucks.



The next day I wore baju kurung to class in honour of Malaysia winning the football match against Indonesia (take that, Kak Us).




Of course not. I couldn’t care less about football thank you very much. I just felt like wearing baju kurung cannot meh??


Went to Mantri Mall with Mai and Mimi. Dined at Pascucci, as usual.



Had dessert first.



And then the appetizer.


IMAG0092 And then the main course.


Sorry we never obey the dining etiquette 🙂


Our rule is much simpler.

It’s “Let’s order everything and share.”




Up to this day I still get this comment:

“I’m shocked. Nisa actually eats a lot.”




Believe me, I eat. I’m 168 cm (I wish I’m taller boo) so I could get away with almost everything. Most of the time.


The only dish where my gluttony fails to emerge is…….rice. Coz it gives me total fullness. And then I couldn’t eat anything else.


And then my point of living is futile. Haha!


So parents, this is how I celebrate:


At home in my pajamas eating my dinner of roti Kaya.


In case you’re wondering about the roti, it’s inside the Kaya can.

Yes, that’s how I eat it; like soup. Only it’s Kaya.


Oh, Kaya is also one of the Love of My Life besides cekodok pisang and Koko Krunch.


Kak Us always made me roti Kaya for lunch in primary school. I love it so much I could eat it just like that without the bread.


And that is why, I fear of getting *DM people. Lol.



Ok I guess I’ll stop here. This person here doesn’t get a holiday and  has clinical posting early in the morning tomorrow (coz it’s *OT day).



I expect myself to complain about the fireworks the locals use to pollute the nature tomorrow, as usual.



Happy New Year everyone 🙂



*Diabetes mellitus

*Operation theatre