I suddenly feel like writing.


Teeetttt, not true *sighs* why am I getting lazier?


I was watching a movie but then my younger brother called me up asking me to go online. When it’s 12.50 am here and 3.20 am in Malaysia T__T


So now I have no other choice but to abandon my movie la *sighs* Some people are really inconsiderate.


Oh! He was bitten by a lab mouse a few days ago and had to take a tetanus injection.


*golek-golek on the floor laughing on my perut buncit*


WHO GETS BITTEN BY A LAB MOUSE I ASK YOU? And he’s doing Medicine so what’s he doing with a mouse I oso dunno.


What to do what to do *jiggle around*


Aite, I’ll post a picture of me.




Because my mum said, “I don’t know how you look like nowadays your blog is full of nonsense pictures.”




Just pictures of food…and cats….and…well, crappy stuff.


Anyway. I threw habit (buang tebiat hahaha) and wanted to watch Devil tonight. Which is kindda a ghost movie. Which is the genre I vowed never to ever watch.


So I gathered all my housemates and sat in the middle of them. With two pillows in hand. You know, just in case I needed them.


AND IT WASN’T SCARY AT ALL! Though that’s probably coz I had my face covered 60% of the time and when everyone screamed I followed suit and screamed as well…….but still. The effort was there.


I give myself 10 stars! *pats self on the back*


Oh! Happy holidays  people! Though it doesn’t mean anything to me since I don’t have clinical posting on Saturday this week anyway, ceh.