I always wonder what heart means.


Not this heart.




But this heart.


Anak sape ntah.



In English it translates to an organ; heart.

In Malay it translates to an organ as well; liver (hati).


Heck, heart and liver are two very different things.


For the ❤ to be the liver is absurd.

For the ❤ to be the heart is somewhat accceptable.


For isn’t the heart the body’s most important organ? So when people refer to <3, probably they mean it metaphorically.


And thus ❤ becomes the heart. Probably.


But I’m a med student. We tend to deal with facts; not possibilities.

And we know for the fact that the heart, no matter the function, is just an organ. I’ve never heard of a cardiac patient having feeling dysfunction T__T


So what is the <3?


I always thought it’s something to do with our soul. Well, I still think it’s that. But I can’t be so sure.



Then why do people refer so much to it, when they don’t even know for sure what it is?


And why do people, goddamnit, succumb to it so easily?