You wouldn’t believe what happened today.



I lied. Nothing happened 😛


It’s a boring day, as usual. God, I hate Wednesdays! Well, the Wednesdays when I don’t skip that is.




It always make me consider jumping outta the window T_T 



Anyway, today’s Zatyfaty’s birthday!




Happy 17th birthday sis! Please grow up shorter than me ^__^


I can’t believe she’s 17! Because I calculated wrong I thought she was 18 this year  -__-



And….. *drum rolls* she was chosen for National Service!


Dear God, thanks for being fair. From now on, I will try my best to be a better person.

And unlike me who went to Miri Camp (which is only 1 hour away from home; enabling my parents, loaded with food, to visit me every week), she’s going to Semenyeh, Selangor BWAHAHAHAHAHA.


I’m not being evil *defensive* It’s just that NS played a huge role in my life (even though I complained a lot). It’s sorta a prep school for life ahead.


That’s where I first learned how to wash and fold my own clothes. Oh, memories ^__^



So for Zatyfaty, whose idea of having sahur is sitting on her bed and eat the bowl of Koko Krunch Kak Us has delivered to her room (placed on the desk which is exactly next to her bed so she doesn’t even have to get up), NS is a good start.


When I tell this to my friends, each gave the same response:


“Asal family ko ramai yang kena PLKN?”

“Coz the government knows we’re all spoilt brats T__T ”





One more horror picture of her.


Ok I’m done.




One thing I regret about not being at home, is not being able to watch my sisters grow up.