I realised Community Medicine, like auto drivers, brings out the worst in us.


Fancy comparing commed with auto drivers, but it’s true.


Because I’d just spend half the day cursing and gritting my teeth and trying not to loss my temper at the PHC.




Anyway! I’d finally finished reading this book :




This is awesome stuff. Anyone who aspired to be a doctor should give it a go. Even those who don’t plan to be one themselves should do so because then you’d come to know we’re awesome creatures HAHAHAHA.


It’s not all House and Gray’s Anatomy, that’s for sure.


Come to think of it, medicine has somewhat been a way of life for doctors. Or a large part of it anyway.


For instance, just look at them medical students. And they’re not even doctors yet.

(I’m saying them and not us because in no way do I fit the descriptions I’m about to state 😛 )


Classes begin at 8.30 am (unless we skip commed then we have the first half of the day free on alternate days. I highly recommend this) and end at 4.30 pm everyday.


That’s 8 hours of medical stuff.


Then add the hours of revising on our own.


And during our leisure time, we go and read medical-related books.

Or watch medical-related dramas  (House, Gray’s Anatomy, Code Blue, Team Medical Dragon).

Or surf for medical-related articles on Wikipedia.

Or search for medical-related videos on YouTube.

And religion wise, there’s Fiqh in Medicine to be learned by us Muslims.




Of course everything isn’t actually that rigid but that’s pretty much the rough outline.



I’m surprised some idiot somewhere hasn’t come to worship Medicine and turn it into one crap religion.


I mean, if Scientology exists……..


But then if Medicology were to exist, there would be too many Gods =___=”


So just in case you readers are getting weird ideas, it’s a no go.