Everyone is well aware of my affection towards Baby.


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I’m always quick to say I don’t have a cat. That’s coz I always forget I actually own one. Well, 1/5 of it. People frequently need to remind me of that T__T


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I think I treasure the vacuum more than her. I mean, vacuum cleans the mess. Baby makes them.


But recently I find myself softening towards her. It’s been almost 2 years; of course I’ve come to care for her somehow or another, albeit in the most complicated way.


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That would be the answer if I were to be lying, which I was.


The honest reason would be because she’s finally pregnant! Yayers!


God knows she’d slapped every suitor we set her up with. And I mean literally.


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My sudden affection towards her didn’t go unnoticed. My housemates never failed to gag or pass on some witty remarks on my, ehem, conditional love, that’s for sure.


But who says love isn’t complicated? 


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And in case you’re wondering why this post is suddenly flooded by Baby’s pictures, I’m testing the new application I just downloaded for my phone’s camera.

Which might I say isn’t bad at all.