When it comes to cereal, I’m probably the pickiest person I know.


Or maybe I’m just picky in general *shrugs*


While my friends are busy hoarding spices and instant noodles and food that didn’t even cross my mind (this happens every single time it’s frustrating! It’d usually end up with me asking myself now why didn’t I think of bringing that?), I usually pack my suitcases with, well, Koko Krunch. And pastries.


The thing about Koko Krunch, even if they’re light, is that they take up too much space. Ok fine. 1 big packet of Koko Krunch is light. 10 isn’t.


But thanks to MAS Grads card which allows me 30 kg worth of luggage, I managed to stuff 8 packets of them into my suitcase last time!


But this isn’t a promo for Grads card.


This is a complain from yours truly, as usual.


Now I must first explain why Koko Krunch is so important to me. That’s coz It has been my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner for so many years. That’s how much I love Koko Krunch, no kidding.


Having finished my 6th packet, I reached for my 7th. Cut it open with a pair of scissors, plunged my hand into the packet for a handful and stuff it into my mouth.


A second later, my brows furrowed.






This is Kak Us punya kerja. She went and write it in Bahasa Jawi T____T And even though my Bahasa Jawi wasn’t that rusty, I couldn’t seem to make it out.




Now it all makes sense =_____=”  Cookie crisp. No wonder this one’s labelled!







I know without doubt this is his fault. The other day I asked for 5 red bean pau to bring back to India and he bought only 3, one of it with chicken filling T___T


Pastries oughtn’t be mixed with animals (chicken, meat, fish etc).  I dislike.




Now I only have one packet of Koko Krunch left.


I might just die of sorrow. Don’t miss me.



P.S: Salam Maal Hijrah dear people >_< I hope with it comes new realisations and prospects for all of us!