The moment I entered a book store, I’d zoom straight to the non-fiction section.


What I dislike in movies, I seek in books.

Movies are for the feast of the eyes, joys of the heart- I don’t like them being complicated.

Books are my teachers. I seek to learn.


Most people couldn’t understand how I could find solace in those stories. It’s depressing, they say.


I couldn’t agree more.


But the despairs and woes chained me to reality. It’s the brutal truth. But it’s the truth us humans seldom have the honesty not to deny. It’s the truth we desperately need for that jolt of sense. 


No matter how hard it rains, it would eventually subside. The sky would clear up, the sun would shine with all its glory and rainbow would appear.

It’s always like that.


Or in their case, a book would be published and money would roll in. 


It sounds cliche. But it’s something I’ve always believed in.


But now at the age of 21 years, I’ve finally learned that some things are best left alone. That when the time comes, you have to give up and let go. That some things would never be as you wished them to be.


For it was never there. And thus it could never be here.