It seems surreal today is already the starting of the last month of the year. It feels like I just celebrated New Year a few months back.


Wow, it’s already December.


As the cold sets in, all I feel like doing is sleep all day. It gets harder to wake up for classes early in the morning, the pangs of my stomach seems more unbearable and the tiredness! It’s as if I‘ve aged 10 years T___T


And like each year, my skin gets very dry I now have to succumb to various face products. Puh.


Panas kompelen. Sejuk pun kompelen *sighs*


As the year creeps towards its ends, I’m brutally reminded of the coming exams. A year and a half sounded long back then, but where did all the hours and minutes and seconds go?


It’s time to pick up the pieces and buck up.