I still can’t get this out of my head.


That I cried while watching a C-section.







It was so amazing.


Usually it’s typical of me to cringe/grimace while watching a surgery. Especially the part when they cut the skin and blood could be seen oozing out. It’s not that I’m scared of blood, it’s because I always imagined how painful it’d be if somehow the anaesthetic failed to work.


Told you I have active imagination.


And to be frank, surgeries bore me.  I have no idea why my friends are always so ecstatic whenever we’re permitted into the OT. I’d rather be in the ward taking the patients’ history.


But OBG is different.


Somehow I’m always blinded to the incisions made through the layers of the abdomen, the pools of blood. My eyes would widen in admiration at the gushing of the amniotic fluid, so like a waterfall. My jaw would drop as I see the baby’s head being levelled out.


The moment I saw the baby’s head, my eyes glistened with tears, my hands gripping tightly at my friend’s hands for support.


It’s like witnessing a miracle.


I know that’s how it’s supposed to work. I mean, what else does that big belly contain if not a baby right?

But the sight of it still blew me away. It’s as if all my breath had been sucked out of me. And the only thing I could think of was Subhanallah.


It makes me think being a mother is an amazing experience.


Except of course, if your brat of a son pees on your 800 dollar pumps, then it’s probably not so amazing anymore.


But I still think being pregnant rocks!