So Mimi and I did the unpredictable.


We gate crashed an Indian wedding 😀


We were on our way back from MSA Manifesto when we saw M.S Ramaiah Hall all lit up and bright.


Nisa: You know what, it’ll be fun to gate crash whatever’s going on there.

Mimi: Yeah, we should do that sometimes.

Nisa: No, I mean NOW.

Mimi: Seriously? Come, let’s get off the bus!


Mischievous minds think alike 😉







Yup, sounds welcoming enough to us  *grins*







Those 2 ladies on the left were friendly enough >__<



Of course, we stick out like sore thumbs  =_______=”


Everyone was in bedazzled saris while we……..well, you’ll know why soon enough. Heh.

I was quite nervous but Mimi walked around as if she owned the place, that girl.


“Hey, the worst they could do is throw us out.”


With that in mind, I felt more relaxed.


We didn’t really have a clue of what to do there, just curious on what’s going on in the hall. So we looked around for someone that exuded a friendly aura, preferably around our age.


And we found not one, but two.


They confirmed our guess: it’s a wedding. Apparently, the bride and groom already got married in the morning. We’re gate crashing their reception ahem.


Then they called someone (the guests’ escort, I think) over to lead us into the hall.







This is the entrance.





There were people standing on the left and right sides, handing out sweets. Or to be exact, dates, figs and cashew nuts.


There’s also a counter near the entrance where 2 girls handed out roses and goody bags.




The interior is just gorgeous! And the wedding dais!


While Mimi and I were oohing and aahing, the escort explained to us it’s the wedding of Pravithra (bride) and Anu (groom).









Traditional music performance









So this is how it works. You see the line of people queuing at the right side? It happens that they’re lining up for their turn to go on stage to greet the bride and groom.





The B & G took pictures with EVERYONE.


When these people were done, the next batch of people would come onto the stage for their turn.


They even installed a mini stage in front of the wedding dais for the photographers! Like they set up spotlights and stairs and God knows whatever technology it was go look for yourselves in the picture.


Imagine how tiring it must be to stand there for hours, smiling and posing with the heat from the spotlights making your armpits sweat.





And the next thing we knew, the escort led us straight onto the stage to take pictures with the B & G!




Hi Pravithra. Hi Anu. Nice to meet you for the first time.


“Congratulations on your wedding! It’s really beautiful!” said Muka Tembok 1 and Muka Tembok 2.


Not only did they not seem to mind we’re gate crashing their wedding, they welcomed us with open hearts.


Or maybe they’re too polite to say otherwise but it’s ok I’ll just assume the former.









Next we went to inspect the food hall. Or camp. Whatever it is.




The camp is larger than Bazaar Ramadhan! Bloody hell.




They have these booths all around the place according to sections.


And if you happened to be wondering, no we didn’t eat though we were offered. Our muka tembok threshold has its limit. And the food’s bound to be vegetarian anyway.




Muka Tembok 1 and Muka Tembok 2




There’s another separate camp outside (a huge ass one, no less) for them to view what’s going on inside the hall through the live TV screens.




There’s even a playground for the kids! The merry-go-round was manhandled FYI.




And a stall vendor who gave out free cotton candies. What didn’t they have?

And the details around the place!



Fountains were everywhere. Ditto the spotlights.




I shudder to think how many thousand flowers had to die.








It’s funny thinking when they happen to browse their wedding album 20 years from now, they’ll be bewildered as why 2 strange Malaysians were in the pictures.


After spending 40 minutes fooling around, we said our goodbyes.


And now, so do I  🙂



P.S: Now we can go back to Malaysia and tell people we’ve attended an Indian wedding haha!