The other night I told my mum,


You know what mum, the Koko Crunch in the smaller packets actually taste a bit weird. A bit bitter I think. And the texture is different from the larger packets too.


And the next thing I knew she changed the topic    T_____T


When I complained about Koko Crunch people should listen! It’s really important!


What is happening to this place we call our world??? *sighs*



You can fit an elephant in there~

Darling Mimi (coz she gave me 2 bottles of Pepsi so now must bodek her haish why is my life so difficult)





Mimi and Nisa Keamulan.

Which means, Mimi and Nisa went to Amul and  had ice creams.

Keamulan sounds nicer.


For the 3rd time this week  =___________=”


We should stop eating ice creams lah. But it’s the week.


Btw look how clear her picture is and how grainy mine is padahal both were taken by *my* phone! Tell me how this world is fair! *emo tak pasal*



Mimi: I ordered choc croissant and cheese danish *said sheepishly*

Nisa: I ordered 2 pastries too! *beamed*

Mimi: Let’s eat all these ASAP so we could make room for the others.

Nisa: True true *took a big bite*





Like I said, it’s the week. Not our fault for being food Godzillas.



I am of the opinion making silly expressions justify cam whoring wahahaha


Bermain di fitting room while waiting for Mimi to choose her accessories which took ages.

I am currently experimenting with anak tudung syria. Because:


1. Now I don’t even have to iron my scarves

2. I could wear the softest scarves without worrying it’d be a disaster

3. I could wear the stethoscope in 2 seconds flat without having to fumble around with my scarve (a thing the doctors never failed to remark on).

4. I was worried about the idea of having to wear tudung botox during housemanship.  Now, I worry no more!

(serious berpandangan jauh. Yo you overlooked Patho test on Friday)

And something more exciting happened today!


Which I will continue next time boohoo stim telah dipotong oleh Nisa.


Toodles people!