Ok, so maybe community medicine isn’t all bollocks.

Says Nisa the commed insulter-in-practically-every-post lol.


That’s coz field trip has started yay! We all love field trips don’t we?


Only this time instead of going to factories and you-see-this-is-how-we-contribute-to-humanity *smug* places, we get to go to slum areas!


Ok lah, and public health centres (PHC).


Everyone hates PHC so it’s not even worth mentioning. That’s why only sick people go there.


But I’m one of the lucky ones who got assigned to visit the slum areas first. Saving the worst for the last i.e PHC and seminars =____=”



These camps aren’t even in the list of visiting places. We invaded them lol. 



The interior of one of the girls’ camps.


Nisa: Ooooh, macam main rumah-rumah!

Realistic person number 1: Rumah2 kepala hotak ko kalo dah tinggal 365 hari kat sini.


No need to prick my excitement bubble lah!


My feet were just aching to go inside……….




One of the occupants. She’s in the…erm, I forgot which grade she was in.

She lives here with her mum and sister.







Haruslah buat macam rumah sendiri.




Kitten strangler on radar.




Kitten lover on radar (clothes being hung behind).







And I vote this as the smartest camp of all! Look at the bamboo frames and the bricks placed around it. Clean and decorate it a bit and I wouldn’t mind staying here myself…….for 3 nights max 😛




Their stove. Cooking oil is poured into the coconut shells and the pots are put on top of them. More impressive than National Service.




This is what happens when you’re the one who brought the camera; YOU DON’T GET TO BE IN THE GROUP PICTURE.




When I was telling those to my friends, one of them questioned my excitement and asked whether I felt any sympathy.


Realistic person number 2.


Frankly, sympathy didn’t even occur to me.


Before you guys start bashing me for being heartless (again), let me tell you something.


Sympathy is for a student who studied hard for an interview just to find himself go blank in front of the interviewer.

Sympathy is watching a woman throws herself in woes when her boyfriend left her.

Sympathy is when your credit card gets cancelled because you couldn’t meet the monthly minimum payment.


Sympathy is for them. Sympathy isn’t for these people.


In awe would be a better word to describe how I felt.


I wonder what’s the first thing that crossed their minds when they wake up every morning. Probably how to survive the day just to meet tomorrow.


I wonder what happened if I had to live without internet for a day. I would probably die before the sun sets.


I’m a brat who thinks she knows the world.


They are survivors.