Which is always the case ever since I became a member of the student council T____T


The same goes for Aidiladha.


It’s not spending Raya with your friends and eat shitloads of Raya food until you feel like puking; it’s getting minimum sleep and trying to put UHU glue to keep the event from falling apart.


It’s being mak cik kantin of the day. Literally. But that part I like coz it’s fun and funny *grins*


Most of the pictures were taken by my housemates. Some were taken by my phone. They’re all over the place really. So don’t blame me if the pictures are crap *gives Mimi a pointed look*



Participants of Pertandingan Khat



Aidiladha Quiz



Humans (can my captions be briefer?)



Ooooooh the exact shade of colour













Heels abandoned for flip flops.



Those are the pictures you could see anywhere on FB. But now we come to the important part- The BTS.






We decided to make the dessert ourselves since it would be a gentler blow to IMSA’s bank account. And someone suggested corn custard coz not only was it cheap, it’s also easy to make.





Nisa: Bestnya! Kita macam tengah…….kerawang.

Hadi: Merewang lah Nisa hahahahaha

Ayam: Nisa kerawang yang jahit kat baju kurung tu lahhhh.

Same oso what. Puh.



That being said, on the eve of Bakrid, we gathered to make the dessert. 

Easy was the understatement of the century. Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

The custard wouldn’t set, the corns were still too hard even after being boiled, the pots were emitting smoke……..


The clock was already showing 10.30 pm and we haven’t even succeeded making dessert for 1 people, let alone 400!


Don’t look at me, I’m useless in the kitchen.


The rest worked hard and voila! *claps*



Hahahaha tak sama colour pun lol but wth who cares.



Nisa: Qish! How’s the dessert?

Qish: It’s nice. But somehow it tasted a bit smoky…..

Nisa: Coz it’s Roasted Corn Custard.

Qish: Ohhhhh, no wonder!!



I’m a genius thank you thank you. 


P.S: Sape complain dessert tak sedap siap!