I don’t like mathematics.


It’s all black and white, nothing is ever subjective. A subject without emotion; cold and hard.


But sometimes I couldn’t help but wish life could be that way. That as long as you apply the right formulas, things would revel by themselves with the correct answers waiting at the very end.

Problem solved.


There was that one time, watching people milling around, scurrying like ants doing their own business without sparing a glance towards anyone else,

I remember feeling amazed. 


That’s what I thought back then. That people, in their own difference ways were simply interesting.

Each splashed a different shade of colour to this white canvas, creating a resplendent mural.


And then there are times like this when I think I was delusional for having those thoughts. There are times when I just hate people and their complexities, when I feel this world would be better without their existence.


And I wish they would all just disappear.






Or maybe I should.