My mind has been occupied by unwanted things I’m now trying to get rid of.


We all have our moments don’t we?


Like the day before yesterday I had to endure 14 hours of holding my pee in.

Voila~a new record for me!


Not that I’m proud of it but what could I do when the toilet was not up to my expectation? Especially since 200 people were also using it. That was no time to think about nephrolithiasis.


Came Thursday and Adrenaline Rush was finally on.

Just a fancy name for Sports Day since he-who-cannot-be-named wanted everything fancy T____T



Going to the stadium at 6 freaking 30 am to set the place up


Hey I won’t deny that all the dramas did contribute to parts of the excitement.

What’s Sports Day without controversies right?

So unlike IMSA of me after all the Kurangkan Kontroversi, Tingkatkan Prestasi tagline we paraded 😀

As long as no one gets hurt, it’s fine I think.



But without them football would just be football. It’d be more boring. Imagine that.

I could never understand the mechanics of a football match bleh. So the very slow, I could die watching it.



I didn’t snap much pictures- I spend 3 hours trying to finish a plate of food while running all over the place; I simply didn’t have the time and energy (and effort boo).

So we’ll make do with what we have k?










Lol how much more bias could I be? 😛




This here, I personally think was the best mascot. Coz bees are just so cute!




Tag IMSA kaler oren poyo. Enuf said.




If you think I’m fierce, then you haven’t met Adik Belon =______=”




#silly picture 1




#silly picture 2



Everyone showed 200% enthusiasm and team spirit. Which somehow failed to emerge during lectures and postings all these years.


At least that’s what I think the lecturers were thinking looking at us from the stands. Heh.


And you know what? Even with my umbrella + sunglass + sun block I still got tanned!!

Just a bit but still!!!!!


But it’s ok coz Mighty Apes won! ^__^