Tired of studying opioid analgesics, here I am!

(what the hell baru baca 3 pages-)


You know what‘s the first thing I realised today?

That I’m very good at sleeping. And very bad at studying. Slept for 10 hours, studied for 1 hour.




You know how students always say they don’t study yet they get 50/60 in every single test?


And we’re supposed to believe they’re all geniuses?


Aw, come on. Even geniuses need to study to reach their full potential.

Not only is that not true, it’s also very annoying to average-grade students like me.


What’s there to be ashamed of? Study lah! It’s not like I’m gonna start labelling you as a nerd or anything.


People with knowledge are people with power. Those with semi-knowledge like me, are those with semi-power.

And I don’t even know what semi-power means. Just saying you know?


So I get very irritated when I said I haven’t studied yet people still insisted I did.


1) What’s the point of asking when you think you know the answer?

2) Do I get an ice-cream with each lie I told?

3) Er, have you taken a look at my grades?


If I’d studied, I get high marks. If I didn’t, I failed.


DUH with 323 font size.


I’m no genius. Shouldn’t take a genius to figure that out either.



And you know what’s the second thing I realised today?

That I know I’m not a genius but am still lazy to study.


And you know what’s the third thing I realised today?

That if I get Dr. Ramesh for Pharmed tutorial tomorrow then I am one dead no-brainer student.