Let’s face it; I don’t have the patience of a saint.


Who am I kidding? I don’t even have the patience of a normal average person.  I usually get annoyed even before one could finish the whole sentence.


The bad thing is, it always always shows on my face.




I have this theory (my theories could easily make 3 volumes of books  =____=” ) if I ever have to strain the muscles on my face and risk having wrinkles 20 years from now,


I might as well let people know they’ve irritated me.



If that doesn’t work, a blank look would follow. The I’m-listening-with-zero-interest-DON’T-YOU-GET-IT-BY-NOW? expression.



If that doesn’t work either (see, I get impatient already), I snapped. Sorry.


I can forgive people who trigger my temper (after a period of silent treatment that is). Anger, I can deal with.


Annoyance, on the other hand, is a bit hard to let go. It takes a lot of bashings, frowns and crude manners for me to get over it.



What I’m trying to say is,


Whatever extra lengths you go for people, make sure they know it.


Even if it’s telling her she better damn sure carries her own gazillion tonnes textbook next time if it’s only for the purpose of showing off to the doctors.


Just saying.


Er, no kids read my blog right?




Then this picture ought to scare them off. Kids go to bed! It’s late!


I call it the fresh-just-woke-up-with-oily-face-and-hazardous-breath look.

Which depicts the real me really.