Now I wanna be an owl.

And then I’ll marry Soren and we’ll have lots of owlets together.




So I’ve finally watched Legend of The Guardians!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages!!!!!


Eh why so many exclamation marks.


Because Mimi wanted to watch The Other Guys and I wanted to watch LOTG. And then she accused me of wanting to watch it because 30 Seconds To Mars did one of the cover songs………..


Where got ok!


Fineeee. Maybe like, only 70% of the reason.

But don’t the 30% amount to anything


Oh but how could I not. Isn’t Kings and Queens just awesome? *bats eyelashes*



You press play and don’t watch oso can. You just have to listen to the song.


And I ate like a pig tonight. Even pigs would be ashamed if they saw me piling all those calories  T___T


I forgot to bring my cam so I had to rely on phone’s and so the pics are a bit shitty coz I didn’t use flash.


I present you…….



My baby 😀


There’s Gelato Italiano in Mantri how come I never realised this!!! I used to have Yogurt Wildberry every Friday when I was posted in Jain Hospital. Even when I didn’t have posting I would find excuses to go to Sigma Mall oso just to have this. Pig Nisa pig.




The Caesar salad Mimi had been craving for weeks at Cafe Pascucci.


Did I mention Mimi craved for SALAD? Oh I did. But this was good; even I admit it. So I’ll cut her some slack in this post he he he.




Eh this blog is starting to look like Mimi’s blog.


where’s my picture where’s my picture



There. Much better. Even though gaya makan tak senonoh. But it’s ok.




Sah ni blog Mimi.





There. Konon sopan sah gambar tipu.




*stomach lets out embarrassing grumbling noises*


 IMAG0096 IMAG0097

My soulmate wth




Mimi: Nisa look! A semi acoustic guitar.

Nisa: Um the colour’s not even electric blue.


Well. At least I didn’t pretend I was interested in guitars! I think I deserved some marks for that.


Oooh, and I shared a tub of caramel popcorn and a large Pepsi with Mimi. And the worse thing is that we actually finished them T___T


Nevermind tomorrow I’ll visit my friend the treadmill.


I wanna read a story book now k bye!