I’ve been meaning to write. But as they say, intention is what really counts right?


*sweeps cobwebs off the blog page*


Just like how I’ve been meaning to study 😀


So I’ve went down a few steps from being rich to not-so-rich anymore.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank account one day to find double the amount of allowance I was supposed to get this month.


Monthly allowance + Elaun perkakas = Rs 41671 x 2

That’s like RM 6k+.


But being a good Samaritan I always am *coughs* I reported it to MARA. It’s the rakyat money hence it’s not my money hence it’s duit haram hence I wouldn’t be able to keep it.


I never picked up as much as RM 50 off the roads. I certainly wouldn’t keep the extra RM 3k in my pocket.


And that’s how Nisa is once more a pauper *sobs*


But I’m happy and that’s all that matters 😀


I’ve a couple of random pictures from last week. Which I’ll put up now so I won’t membebel further and wreck the souls of those who have to listen to them.


My kindness gets to me sometimes 😛



These were my first cekodok pisang ever!!! Aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen??




Mimi brought back roti telur + roti canai + satay from Chenai. I ❤ Mimi!!

I didn’t go coz it’s soooooo humid there. Food or no food. Why would I wanna leave cool Bangalore?



At Swensen’s






Kerja tak senonoh Nisa and MJ. We hate icings *pulls face*





Mimi trying out one of my jubahs. Which I’ve worn………….once. During last year’s Raya. Mum bought it for me (like everything else, duh).

The details are gorgeous aren’t they?



She thinks saying “La” and “Naam” makes her an Arab =______=”

I think she looks nice in it! Who agrees with me? ^_^



Eh why no picture of me lah????


I’m a shy person wth.


And that concludes my attempt at writing.