Life’s pretty unpredictable ain’t it?


One time you could be dining for lunch with your friends and the next thing you know you’re trapped in the toilet………..




Ok, fine. So I admit. It was me.


Like I was gonna admit that in front of the whole batch! Talk about embarrassing.


But honestly, it wasn’t my fault! I know I could be pretty dense at times but surely I know how to get out of a toilet!


It was the stupid latch’s fault.


Ok, so here’s the whole story.


I blame Tasha 100% for this. I was fine until she came and told us about the spaghetti carbonara she’d watched in Eat, Pray and Love and how sinfully delicious it looked. How they zoomed on the dish with the cheese and sauce………………….


Suddenly everyone felt like eating spaghetti  =_______=”


So off to Freska we went even though we’re all aware that we only had an hour of lunch break (stupid stupid com med finished late).


After ordering, I went to the toilet. When I was done, I slide the knob and…………


It broke.


How could it break? HOW???????


So I tried to fix it. And pushed the latch with all my might a few times. And still it wouldn’t budge.


And it’s a small toilet. And there’re no windows so I couldn’t even climb out even if I wanted to.




Fortunately, one of the waiters heard me.


“Are you ok ma’am?”

“I couldn’t get out!”

“Ok. Wait there.”


The next thing I knew, he was slipping a pliers and a screwdriver through the gap between the ceiling and the wall.


Holding each in one hand,


“Um. So what do I do with these?”


I sucked in KHB. People should know that before handing me any tools.


And then I heard familiar voices. My friends, upon me not returning from the toilet, came looking for me. Thank God.


“Nisa, are you ok????”

“I’M TRAPPED! The latch broke!”

“Try pushing the latch with the screwdriver.”



After a dozen times of trying, the latch still wouldn’t budge. By that time I was already hysterical.


“It still wouldn’t budge!!!!”


And then I heard Mimi’s voice.

“Nisa, calm down. Listen to me. You have to unassembled the latch. Can you do that?”


“Unassembled…… Ok.”


It took me a few minutes but it worked!!!! IT BLOODY WORKED!


Ah the smell of fresh air *dramatic*


Apparently, the latch had broke a few times before but they never bothered to fix it.

See! I told you it wasn’t my fault!


Predictably, we were late for class. Not because of the toilet incident ok! By the time I managed to get out our orders still hadn’t arrived *defensive*


But when Dr. Ajee asked us why we were late,


“One of our friends was trapped in the toilet.” was our excuse.


As if on cue, the whole auditorium started sniggering. Even Dr Ajee tak jadi nak marah.


Well, it did happen. It’s not like we were lying. 150 marks for creativity though.


And that’s how, ladies and gentlemen, the whole batch knew about the incident. Only they didn’t know who. And I wasn’t stupid enough to embarrass myself.


Story of my life.