With the hols over, souvenirs from friends are flowing in.


But among all, my favourite has got to be this keychain Kina got me. You’ll understand why when you see it.





I just had to laugh when I received this haha.

She said when she saw it she was instantly reminded of me. Can onot   T___T



The first week has been very very very tiring. But thank God it’s over and I get to sleep like crazy.


I arrived at my apartment at 1.30 am on Monday. And had to endure one whole day of classes 6 hours after that. You would think with so few students they would cancel the classes but no, they just had to do them.




After I got back from classes I spend 4 hours reorganizing my closet because I didn’t have the space to put any of my new clothes T___T


By 8 pm I was ready to faint. Which explains why I wasn’t at the airport, welcoming the 2010 batch of juniors (just in case anyone accuses me of slacking off my duties, ehem).


Orientation started on Tuesday. I agreed to be one of the fcs coz:

1) I felt it was my obligation as an IMSA member wth



I dragged Mimi with me. Well, I didn’t drag her exactly. She volunteered wayyy before the word orientation even registered in my head. She’s always excited about stuff like that, beats me why.


She should be in IMSA. Everyone, next year vote for her k?  >_<


Since I’m anti-social *coughs* I didn’t plan on mingling much with the juniors. I made sure my Ipod’s and phone’s batteries were full and even brought a story book along.


In short, I prepared myself for Boredom.


So it came as a shock when I found myself actually enjoying the whole orientation stuff.


When I was in the first year, I made a pact with my friends to be an evil senior (serious takde kerja lol). I just couldn’t understand how the seniors could be sooooooooooooo nice to us juniors.


But now that I’m a senior, I think I do understand. Not all, but some of it definitely.


Pictures taken during our shopping trip last Thursday (definitely my fav part of the whole orientation week!) :



Buying electric appliances.





Eyebags the size of suitcases.



Say hello to Kakak Mimi everyone.



Kakak Mira, Kakak Mimi, Kakak Nisa and the juniors. At last someone calls me Kakak!!







They’re a funny bunch, these juniors. There’s even one girl who kept raising her hand every time she wanted to ask us a question. Cute or what ^__^


The moment they chose to buy a red rice cooker and a set of red pots and pans to match, I knew what kind of people they were.


My kind of people.


Especially when they knew gossips about our students I didn’t even know! Budak zaman sekarang memang canggih.


We were out from 9 am to 10.30 pm. It was tiring, but fun.



Now that the first week is over, it’s time to hit the books seriously *sighs*