I’m so sleepy but it’s ok blog first.


Ooooh, I woke up so early today! 9.30 am! I don’t usually wake up till it’s past noon  :xshy:   I’m on holiday ok, what for wake up so early *coughs* Ctah *coughs*



A lot of people commented on my hand today. I always thought my fingers were slender…….




But apparently that’s not what they thought *sighs*


1 = Trying to get out the stains from my skirt which Kak Us wasn’t able to. Um, it didn’t occur to me to use a cloth brush. Until Ctah asked me. Right.

2 = I accidentally hit Aida’s house’s door knob on the night of my flight home. I’m not quite sure how that happened….

3 = Stupid bowl’s fault.


But I’m pretty used to those kind of things so I always keep some plasters in my wallet. There are so many ways accidents could happen!




Parents did Raya open house today. Don’t ask me, I only popped outside for 2 minutes to salam the elders and then I spend my time hibernating inside. With Hani.

Anti-social mode on. So no pictures of people.




She’s a good camwhore partner you know. And she’s also anti-social. Definitely my sister.


And Ctah came! Probably my only friend left in Miri by this time….





Um, I already bended my knees……



Went shopping with Ctah and Zatyfaty soon after that. Oh wait. Zatyfaty shopped. I didn’t.

Then I dragged them to Cafe Rosita coz I felt like eating mussels.



The loves of my life. Mussels topped with cheese, chicken dices and tomatoes. Even looking at this picture makes me feel hungry 😦










Ok, am hitting the sack now *yawns*