For the first time in these 2 weeks, I’m feeling bored 😦


So I guess this whole spend-more-time-with-your-family concept suits me. Hah.


Got myself a HTC Desire today. Well, dad got it for me. Because of the dinner he made me go. That’ll make him think twice before asking me to socialize with his family. He never gives up T___T

But I love you Dad! A lot! This much (spreading hands as far as they would go)


Oh yes, I’m an expensive daughter to keep. Inconsiderate too, at times. The rest, I don’t think I’m doing all that bad. Ehem.


But what the hell, right?


That’s why la I said I didn’t wanna have a daughter like me! I’m a pain in the ass.

Knowing but not doing anything to change it……… yup, that sounds like me indeed. Glad to know some things never change (being sarcastic to self).


Though now I’m thinking twice about having children.

Like, what if we’re going shopping together and we found a pair of black pumps we both love (the perfect pair of black pumps is very hard to find, in my opinion)  and there’s only one pair left?


Will I have to give them up just coz she’s my daughter???

Sure I do!


There. A pair of shoes lost.


Having children is frightening now that I think of it. Like whenever my parents complain about anything, I would go,


“Well. You guys did get married and give birth to me. So now you don’t have any choice but to be responsible for me all your lives.”


Will my daughter do that to me in the future?? This future daughter seems bratty from where I see her!


But then, how much longer could I depend on my parents right? Might as well use it to its optimum!

Membazir itu amalan syaitan (now she says that)!


I have this theory. Listen listen. It’s a very brilliant one.

There are 12 months in a year right. Out of that 12 months, I’m only home one month max. The remaining 11 months, I support myself totally. Well, almost but let’s not get distracted.


See? My parents only support me financially for a month!


Of course we shouldn’t trouble our parents if we could. But just in case you’re feeling guilty about spending your parents’ money or anything, you’re more than welcome to use my theory!


It’s very soothing and logical.


And lastly, don’t forget to love your parents!! Coz that sure does make up for being bratty!!