KAK US IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps in joy*


No more folding clothes/washing the dishes/sweep the floor etc. I’m a free woman at last!!


Everyone was so excited at the prospect of not having to do any house chores that we kept checking our phones all day yesterday in case Kak Us called/messaged that she’d arrived haha.


Lazy asses!!!


I made it my mission to spend more time with my family this hols. By family I meant my family. As in excluding the uncles/aunties/cousins yada yada yada. Let’s not be a hypocrite here.


So when my dad told me we’re having dinner with my uncle tonight, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic. Especially when he assumed I would go without asking me beforehand. I don’t  exactly dislike that particular uncle. What I dislike is having to spend time with people I don’t really care about. Even if we’re related.


We share the same blood so what right? That’s unavoidable. Other than that we’re perfect strangers. Ok lah, not perfect strangers, but you get what I mean.


And that’s why, I said I needed to learn the joys of having a family. Oddly, that moment hasn’t strike yet. And personally, I don’t really care if it never will. I’m never one who’s emotionally attached anyway.


Because I was such an obedient daughter *coughs* off to Zest at Marriott we went. The fact that we’re going there darkened my mood even more. I hate the food there. When I could drink teh tarik with Ctah instead 😦


Because I sulked and complained about everything and refused to eat much, I occupied my time taking pics.



Hanes the Menace



Kakak Us!!!






The man who made me go *throws him a death look*



HaniPoko and I



HaniDew with Kak Us



Hani the Exercise Ball with her milk moustache and mushroom hairstyle









I’m in a snappy mood with my Dad now.

Ok that’s all bye!