My siblings are next door watching a ghost movie and THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO INVITE ME.


True I was out and yeah I would have said no anyway but it’s still nice to be invited!!!!It’s not everyday that I’m home!!!!


Oh btw, I’m home 🙂




Gosh aren’t I sweet or what.


Allow me to update on my life. Ehem.


So the original plan was for me to go on a holiday to Agra and backpacking through Rajasthan with Mimi, Chris and Elron for these 2 weeks.


In case you’re wondering about the backpacking thing, my initial thought was,


BACKPACKING? As in stuffing the things I’ll be needing for 10 days into a bag?

Ok. Where’s the punch line here??


ME: What about the things I might buy there? Where am I gonna put them if my one and only bag is already crammed with stuff???

MIMI: What could you possibly buy in Rajasthan??

NISA: You never know!!! Remember that time we were in Kerala?

MIMI: You’ll just have to lug them around then =______=”



Well, they could backpack all they want.

My idea of backpacking is a suitcase and a handbag at the very least. I don’t care if I have to lug it around.


That aside, our plan was going wonderfully. Each of us was responsible for a city;the accommodation, methods of getting there, activities to do while we’re there… all sounded so exciting (except the backpacking part)!! Not to  mention I’ve been wanting to go to Rajasthan ever since I saw it on National Geographic years ago.


One day before we finalized everything, I had a sudden revelation. I couldn’t quite explain it but I was just lying on the carpet after my mum called, and it hit me suddenly how important family was to me.


I mean, I knew family was important. In theory. I just never felt it before. I preferred hanging out with my friends rather than my family.


Only that night I thought, I needed to be at home. I was quite confident some devil had possessed me. Only it was the month of Ramadhan and no devils were around T__T


I’ve become soft-hearted *stabs herself*


So for once, I bought my tickets at the travel agent using my own money.

Noticed anything wrong with that sentence? Oh yeah, must be that part where I said I used my own money…..

If I used credit card sure my dad would find out. Habis my surprise. No choice.


Although it was my birthday money and so technically it’s still my parents’ money…….but still!!!! I could have used it to buy a new phone/camera right???

Instead, I chose to splurge them all into buying a return ticket home which I didn’t even have to pay for in the first place.


Did I say I was sweet? Ha to the ha to the haha.


It was hard work trying to convince them not to post my baju Raya and stuff though.


MUM: But what if you wanted to eat Koko Crunch to break fast?

NISA: It’s not like I’ll die from not eating Koko Crunch sheesh.


Which is very different from my usual,

“Mum my stocks have finished. How am I going survive??????????”


So dramatic *snorts* go die la you.


That aside, my parents’ expression upon seeing me when they got back from work was priceless. Well, as much as RM 2.2 k was priceless anyway.


And now I’m broke. Why am I always broke????? *emo*


But all is good now!!


Anyway, I have pictures!!! Of the umm, airport.


The most important thing before going back is…


Stuffing my pillow hug into the closet so it wouldn’t be covered with dust wth.



This is umm…in the terminal on the way to the plane at Bangalore Airport.

Went back a million times already and still wanted to take pictures ah??

Blame everything on Kak Sha.




Ever since Air Asia landed in Bangalore, majority of Malaysian students opt for AA instead of MAS. So that night there were only the 4 of us using MAS as opposed to the usual flock of Malaysians. And for the first time ever the flight wasn’t full so we could sleep soundly at the back rows. Yayyyyyyy



KLIA hummph



To those people who said,


“It’s good she’s not in town this year for Raya. At least no one’s gonna tease us.”


Well, Nisa’s back! And so are the teasings 😉