It’s one thing to not be at home celebrating Raya with your family; it’s another thing if your mum didn’t call you on Raya Eve!


(let’s ignore the fact that she’d called me almost everyday this week)


Am I actually adopted mother? Am I????????????????????????????



Anyway. I finally could hang out with my friends tonight. PRACTICAL EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER YAY!!!!! Never mind the exam marathon is starting again in 3 days. Practical exams are over ok? It’s a sin not to celebrate.


I guess I’m just…all burned out. From the practical exams, the frustrations, the oncoming exams. I’m drained.


There’s still one more day of Ramadhan to go here. So Raya will be on Saturday. I don’t know how the celebration is gonna be; I never celebrated Eid here before. Only Bakrid. Or if there’ll be a celebration at all.


I’m a smart girl *clears throat* And a smart girl avoids Skype-ing with her family and listening to Raya songs and takbir raya on Itunes and anything connected to Raya. Yes, even the fleeting thought of my new baju Raya at home, hanging in the closet, all lonely and unworn 😦 has to be ignored.


My biggest loss is, of course, DUIT RAYA. Everything else comes second.

Kidding, kidding. Does anyone around here not have any sense of humour anymore? Sheesh.


My emotions need to be undisturbed. There’re exams for God’s sake! *skema*


Besides, rock songs and strawberry yogurt ice cream always fixed things. Let’s just hope they work this time.




You know this post I wrote around this time last year?


FINE I TAKE IT ALL BACK. Except the Raya food part. That I still dislike. But everything else, I take them back.


There. Satisfied now?



Have a lovely Syawal >_<


P.S: Mum and Dad, I still want my duit raya. You know my back account number…….  >_<

❤ from your if-she-were-my-daughter-I-will-take-some-pity-and-gives-her-lots-of-duit-raya daughter.