I was reading Lala’s blog, and it sorta made me wonder about…well, just wonder.


And you know what? People are right. Life doesn’t turn out the way you plan it. Not for everyone that is.


I was always a stubborn child (was? hello are you sure it’s past tense?). I spend my childhood all determined to make sure I got everything I wanted (which  wasn’t easy you know. All those tantrums I had to throw and yelling my head off….they’re hard work, believe me).


I thought that’s how my life would be. That I would never compromise on the way I lead it. I would never allow myself to be pushed into doing something I didn’t wanna do.


It’s my life. My parents have their own, had their chances. I should be able to do whatever I want with mine.


But then I grew up and came to know of the world. And everything just changed.


I came to realise life was far from a fairytale.

You don’t throw a fit and expect people to do your biddings. You don’t make a mess out of things and expect your parents to fix it for you each time.


And as I was skipping my way merrily (well, grudgingly more like it) to Adulthood, I met two new intimidating acquaintances:

Responsibilities and Commitments.


Truth to be told, they’re not very friendly *gossipy tone* But being buddy-buddy aside, they’ve taught me a lot.


They told me to go for what I should be; not what I wanted to be. They opened my eyes and made me see it’s impossible to change the world; that to be able to change a person’s life was more than enough.

They taught me to compromise on my needs (ok, sometimes).


They made me justify the choices I’ve made- like now. Yes I was being sarcastic.


The earth is 5,502,532,127,000,000 square feet (trust me, I googled). Whether I like it or not, I’m just a very very very miniscule part of the world.

Even if this life belongs to me alone, I’m not the only entity that controls it. The etiology isn’t just What Nisa Wants. The pathogenesis isn’t How Nisa Does It.


Everything and everyone plays a role. Human calls it interdependence.

Sucks ain’t it?

And if you’re kicking and screaming coz life doesn’t go the way you want it, hey, our lives aren’t puzzles. Even if you managed to put all the pieces in the right places, you won’t end up with that picture on the box lid.


God knows how people just love surprises 😉


But I don’t!!! Please please please give me some clues on what’s coming out in the tests next week!