With the exams coming up (ish), my shoulders ached from sitting up straight for hours every day, my fingers cramped from writing notes, my brain exhausted from reading and memorizing.


And of course, my desk, for once, isn’t covered with dusts but with books and papers. I was starting to think buying a huge desk was a mistake.



This only happens once in 6 months. A very rare occurrence.


Somehow, amidst the stress and all, I would always get the answers I was searching for all along. Probably the results of having no life and being cooped up in the library all week. Or that my brain is actually functioning maximally for once.


And although you guys will have no idea what I’ll be talking about, I will mention it here all the same.


The thing is, life’s too short to be wandering around aimlessly (physically and psychologically). I could die tomorrow, who knows right.


In theory, it’s perfect. In practice, not so. But now I kindda understand what it means. God knows I’ve been doing that for too many years already.


So today when I woke up, all sober with a clear head and then I started to really think ( a perfect excuse to delay studying)…….the answer’s pretty obvious. I’ve just been too afraid not having anything to hold on to.


I am, after all, already a grown-up and an independent person now ahem. Kindda amazing what a year could do to me (you should have seen me last year, oh boy).


So starting from now on, after all those times being lost and wondering, I’m starting a new chapter *claps*



My Book Of Emotion will also be singing a different tune now, hopefully.

Yes I’m one of those cheesy people who writes in her diary.



Oddly random. Oh shut up. Who could resist buying those.



One week of practical exams. One week of theory papers. Then 2 weeks of holidays.


Starting with Forensic practical test tomorrow. Aih.