Life is a nauseating roller coaster. At times.


Such as now.


I’m starting to get sick of people who couldn’t– oh pardon me the word should be don’t-stand up for what they believe in. Smile and kiss ass (or should it be asses?) as if all the shits in the world are non-existence as long as they could continue floating in their safe happy bubbles.


Oh how I would love to prick the bubbles and see them fall onto the muddy ground and get eaten by piranhas. Except piranhas don’t live in mud. Hmm.


And fakes. Them who couldn’t even bring themselves to smile but have the nerve to text you when they need something. Them who puts labels on everything and strip them off as they see fit. Them who walk on clouds, so high above the rest of us, fishing for all the silver linings and leaving none for those below.


Those who use their time beneficially to complain and whine but when given the opportunities, back down in 2 seconds flats. They are powerless and will remain so throughout their lives.


Them who make it their hobbies to self-promote. A nobody who wants to be a somebody. A miser mister. A match in a box of matches trying desperately to light itself only to see upon destruction. Yay you.


And those who ring the doorbells 10 times a day. I could bite their heads off. Annoying much?



As of now, disappear. All of you.