Today should be declared as a national’s holiday.

Just as tomorrow should be. And the day after that. And the week after that.



I guess my head’s a mess lately. What’s with the exams coming up and, well, the exams. Though somehow I don’t think those are my top priorities now….


Let’s talk about happy things *changes the subject faster than someone farts*


To everyone who celebrated my birthday with me, thank you 🙂

Though it somehow involved my friends celebrating it 2 weeks earlier and my housemates somewhat ended having a BBQ picnic on the rooftop in the middle of the night with the rain pouring…..well,


Being old never seemed more meaningful >_<

Aren’t I being sweet or what. Which isn’t me. So I’ll stop here.



I managed to skip Hari Merdeka or sumthing2 at campus on Saturday night and the dinner at BBQ Nation with the rest of IMSA last night.

I know I’m a member of IMSA ok, it’s just..….I forgot it involved being present at all events (torture torture)  and…….socialising (taboo word).

That’s something I have to work on. Hopefully somewhere near in the future.



And. I watched Despicable Me the other day. And. Well, I don’t really watch animation- except for Japanese anime which is a different thing all together.

I don’t know. I have this mind set animation movies are for kids.


(L to R) Margo (MIRANDA COSGROVE), Agnes (ELSIE FISHER), Gru (STEVE CARELL), Edith (DANA GAIER) and a minion have a tea party in Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment?s inaugural 3-D CGI feature, ?Despicable Me?.  The film tells the story of one the world?s greatest villains who meets his match in three little girls.


Except this one’s positively adorable. Especially the part where Gru made a children’s story book on his own. Now that got me into tears.


2377_PE_S2450_P017_L_COMPO_RENDER_1587R copy.jpg


Whoever made that three little kittens book was a genius. There should be more books like that out there! With puppets and hair brush and all.

 I wouldn’t mind reading it.


Dah. I’m too much in a bad mood to write more.